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is here 24/7 to help transport infirm or disabled people safely and comfortably to their destination.

We specialize in providing fully equipped, non emergency medical transportation to and from hospitals, doctors offices, retirement homes, airports and more. 


We are non-emergency transportation specialists, providing a fleet of fully equipped, reliable transportation vehicles. We assist 24/7 in transporting the infirm and disabled, with care to hospitals, assisted living homes, airports, doctors offices or any location of your choice from Windsor, Ontario and surrounding areas throughout Canada. Our caring, experienced drivers deliver you to your destination while supplying a helping hand in a relaxing atmosphere.

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Besides offering top notch non-emergency medical transportation we also offer an assortment of medical devices and supplies. Whether you need a wheelchair, bath chair or another assisted device, for a few days or a few months, Crown Accessible can rent you the equipment you need at an affordable price. You can visit our store or call us to purchase medical equipment and supplies directly through our Windsor headquarters office and have it delivered to you by Crown Accessible in a timely fashion.

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Call Crown Accessible Transportation @ 519-977-0666 to book our caring, courteous drivers to assist in your medical transportation needs. We specialize in helping transport infirm or handicapped patients in our sanitary, comfortable fleet of fully equipped vehicles

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